Progress Report: Home Is Where Your Mom Is, Part 1

Progress Report: Home Is Where Your Mom Is

Today’s Progress Report is a Christmas gift I started to stitch for my mom! I made a valiant effort to get this done before Christmas. I didn’t quite make it… but I made huge progress on it! Now it’ll be a gift for whenever I manage to get it done.

So I started this piece with the heart in the center:

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Progress Report: Home Sweet Home Code, Start To Finish

Progress Report: Home Sweet Home Code

Today’s Progress Report is a project based on CSS coding that I bought on Etsy! My boyfriend studied Computer Science in college. When I saw this chart I had to get it to stitch it for him. A cool variation of the usual Home Sweet Home saying written in code was right up our alley!

The chart is called Home Sweet Home in CSS by Happy Stitch Net. You can get the chart for yourself here: Home Sweet Home in CSS.

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Progress Report: Tractor By Janlynn, Start To Finish

Progress Report: Tractor By Janlynn

Today’s Progress Report is something different from my normal projects. I wanted to find a piece more masculine to be able to give my step father for Christmas. I went through my mini kits and found this piece by Janlynn of a tractor I thought he would like. And it turned out to be a fast, simple stitch. It turned out great!

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Progress Report: Mothers Are Special (Take Two) – Start to Finish

Progress Report: Mothers Are Special (Take Two!)

Today’s Progress Report is one of my first repeats! I originally did this mini kit a few years ago for my mother-in-law. You can read it here: Friday Finishes #18: Mothers Are Special

Well, I wanted to do this kit for my own mother too. I bought the kit again and decided to stitch it as a Christmas gift for my mother a few years ago! And this time, I actually took pictures while I stitched!

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Christmas 2015 – Projects Update!

Christmas 2015 Projects

It is December 13th, and we are now 12 days from Christmas! On November 2nd I posted an article called Planning For Christmas, where I went over the 14 Christmas projects I organized as gifts for this year. I started very late because I didn’t actually plan on making any Christmas gifts this year. My usual track record is to finish less than half the Christmas presents I start out making.

So! Now that we are 12 days from Christmas, where am I at on my progress?

This is what I started with:

My Christmas projects! Wish me luck!

My Christmas projects! Wish me luck!

  1. Owl By Janlynn
  2. Mothers Are Special by Janlynn
  3. Rock The ‘Stache by Bucilla
  4. Tractor by Janlynn
  5. Home Is Where Your Mom Is by Bucilla
  6. Owl Pillowcases by Janlynn
  7. Home Sweet Home Code by Happy Stitch
  8. HTML Welcome Sign By Happy Stitch
  9. Stop Hatin, Start Bakin by Daily Cross Stitch
  10. Baby Panda by Daily Cross Stitch
  11. Oh Deer by Daily Cross Stitch
  12. Deer Silhouette by Daily Cross Stitch
  13. Keep Calm And Game On by Daily Cross Stitch
  14. Stark Bookmark by Black Lupin (not pictured)

Wow, what a list! Considering last year I decided to stitch four projects and only finished two, this was quite an undertaking! Especially because I started so late. I fully expected that I wouldn’t finish half the list, so I planned two projects for each person I decided to make gifts for; if I could finish one for each, I would be happy.

Here is the list so far!

  1. Owl By Janlynn: Finished!
  2. Mothers Are Special by Janlynn: Finished!
  3. Rock The ‘Stache by Bucilla: Finished!
  4. Tractor by Janlynn: Finished!
  5. Home Is Where Your Mom Is by Bucilla: Started!
  6. Owl Pillowcases by Janlynn: Abandoned πŸ™
  7. Home Sweet Home Code by Happy Stitch: Finished!
  8. – 14. Not Started

So I’ve finished 5 of the 14 projects as of today. I have #6 and #7 started – except I gave up on the pillowcases again this year. Stamped cross stitch just takes me too long, and I’ll run out of steam and not start any of the others unless I give it up and move on. I have projects #8 and #9 kitted up and ready to start, but I haven’t started them, nor any of the others on the list.

This is my finished pile, to be washed and framed:

This includes non-Christmas projects as well, I have a lot that need washed and frame!

This includes non-Christmas projects as well, I have a lot that need washed and framed!

Aaaand this is my pile of Christmas projects that I still need to finish:

It's a big pile...

It’s a big pile…

12 days to Christmas and I have 8 projects left to finish by December 20th, at the very latest. I doubt I can do it. But hey, I got a lot more done than I’ve gotten done in years past, so even if I don’t finish them all, I’m proud of myself! But wish me luck anyway, I’ll need it if I want to finish.


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