Progress Report: Mothers Are Special (Take Two) – Start to Finish

Progress Report: Mothers Are Special (Take Two!)

Today’s Progress Report is one of my first repeats! I originally did this mini kit a few years ago for my mother-in-law. You can read it here: Friday Finishes #18: Mothers Are Special

Well, I wanted to do this kit for my own mother too. I bought the kit again and decided to stitch it as a Christmas gift for my mother a few years ago! And this time, I actually took pictures while I stitched!

I started with the letters, since there was nothing at the center of the chart:

Project Start!

I made quick work of the lettering:

Lettering done!

I like how the cursive looks with this! There’s not much to this chart, so by the time I finished the vines:

Left vine done!

Right Vine done!

All that was left was to do the rose in the center, and a French knot to dot the ‘i’, and the piece is finished!

Final Progress Report:

Mothers Are Special

The finished piece!

I will say, I made a major counting error when I originally stitched this piece. That experience made me careful with my counting, and I did the crosses and the back-stitch as I went instead of trying to count the crosses and do the back-stitch later. I feel like this kit came out great this time! Just needed a washing and framing and it was ready to go!

Have you done this kit before? Did you enjoying stitching it? Did you stitch it for yourself or give it away to someone else? Leave a comment below or hop on Facebook to let us know!


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