Progress Report: Tractor By Janlynn, Start To Finish

Progress Report: Tractor By Janlynn

Today’s Progress Report is something different from my normal projects. I wanted to find a piece more masculine to be able to give my step father for Christmas. I went through my mini kits and found this piece by Janlynn of a tractor I thought he would like. And it turned out to be a fast, simple stitch. It turned out great!

I started with a small section of green from the center and some black:

Tractor 1

Project start!

I used that section as a starting point to count and stitch all the light green in the piece:

Tractor shape is there now!

With more green and some black, it really starts to look like a tractor:

More progress!

I decided to finish off all the colors besides the black and the grey:

Just two colors left to go!

After that, all that was left was to fill in the last remaining colors to finish the crosses:

Crosses done!

Stitching that part was the most frustrating, due to the huge amount of fractional stitching that needed done. So annoying on aida! But even without the back-stitch it looks like a tractor. Add the back-stitch and this tractor is done!

Final Progress Report:

The finished piece!

I really enjoyed stitching this project. I have no complaints about it at all, except maybe the amount of quarter stitches at the end! And the finished piece looks great! A lot of detail squeezed into a mini kit. Those are my favorite kinds of mini kits.

Have you done this kit before? Did you enjoying stitching it? Did you stitch it for yourself or give it away to someone else? Leave a comment below or hop on Facebook to let us know!


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