Progress Report: Home Is Where Your Mom Is, Part 1

Progress Report: Home Is Where Your Mom Is

Today’s Progress Report is a Christmas gift I started to stitch for my mom! I made a valiant effort to get this done before Christmas. I didn’t quite make it… but I made huge progress on it! Now it’ll be a gift for whenever I manage to get it done.

So I started this piece with the heart in the center:

Home Is Where Your Mom Is

Project start!

And finished it:

Heart done!

Before I started filling in the background on this piece, I decided to fill in the little detail stitches first:

Detail color stitches done!

With those out of the way, it was time to fill in the purple on the main body:

Starting to fill…

So much purple!

Almost done…

Purple fill finished!

After all that purple fill, I had to decide where to go next. The chart moves up more and has more to stitch on either side of the purple. The last bit I stitched before I put the project down, I decided to move up and finish the main portion of the piece:

Final Progress Report:

Current progress!

I stopped stitching on this piece because I knew I couldn’t finish in time for Christmas. This chart is a 5 x 7, on the larger end of projects I normally stitch, and I started in November. After a few solid stitching weeks and this was all the progress I made, I knew there was no way I could finish. I decided to give myself a break rather than force myself to try and get it done, so this piece sits in my UFO to be finished as a gift one day! Hopefully I pick it up again sometime soon.

Have you done this kit before? Did you enjoying stitching it? Did you stitch it for yourself or give it away to someone else? Leave a comment below or hop on Facebook to let us know!


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