Friday Finishes #18: Mothers Are Special

Mothers Are Special Finish

Today’s finish!

Once again, this was a piece that I completed and sent off as a gift before remembering to take a picture… I did purchase the kit again to do as a gift for someone else, so I definitely have the front cover to demonstrate! No worries about the information being missing like with the Grandma’s Love piece…

Name of Piece: Item #021-1389 Mothers Are Special

Designed by: Aha! This kit has a designer. The chart was designed by Kooler Design Studio.

Distributed as a kit by Janlynn Company under their Designs for the Needle series.

Kit Contains: 18-count aida fabric, embroidery floss, frame, self-adhesive mounting board, needle, chart, and instructions.

Finished Size:  2.5 inches round

The Story: So I had bought this kit on one of my many kit runs at Joann’s. I tend to pick up little kits when I find them, because they’re usually only a couple dollars and the next time I come they may not have it. So I had this kit in my stash for awhile. I planned on making it for my mom to give to her as a Mother’s Day present or something like that. However, come Christmas 2012 after my boyfriend came back from giving our nephew his Christmas present (I wasn’t able to go to the party for some reason I can’t remember now), his parents gave me a $50 gift card to Hobby Lobby. I wasn’t expecting anything from them and I hadn’t gotten anything for them, so I dug through my stash and got out this kit to give to his mom as a Christmas present!

Time To Complete: A day or so, I feel like.

Review: The hardest thing about this kit is the majority of the stitching is back-stitch. Starting in the center meant starting with the back-stitch and counting was difficult. I know I messed up the count on the word ‘Mothers’ or somewhere in that area (hard to remember without a picture), because when I stitched the curling vines, the count was wrong and the vine was a little off. Not so badly that it looked bad but it still drove me nuts regardless. It was so far back it was too late to fix, so I had to let it go…

Mothers Are Special Finish

Final Verdict: This isn’t my picture, just the cover picture for the kit since I don’t have a picture to show… but she loved it! I definitely like the kit enough to stitch it again, since this is the second kit of the same chart I bought.

Have you done this kit before? How did it go for you? How did you like it, or not like it, as the case may be?  Leave a comment below or head on over to our Facebook page and tell us how it went!


Friday Finishes is a segment where I catalog and review all the cross-stitch pieces I have ever completed. Some of the pieces I no longer have information on, or I don’t have pictures because I gave away the piece as a gift and forgot to take a picture, but I’ll do my best to be as informative as possible! Check back on Fridays for more.