About The Blog (And Me)

I am a stitcher.

Cross-Stitch is a type of needlework embroidery that has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. It is the oldest forms of embroidery in the world. The skill has been passed from grandmother to mother to daughter – and grandfather to father to son – for hundreds of generations. Almost every stitcher is self-taught by a relative or a friend, or picked up the skill from a magazine or kit. It is one of the easiest forms of embroidery to learn and master in a short period of time.

However, in the modern era, cross-stitch is not a well-known or popular craft. Local needlework shops have gone out of business and craft chains have cut back on their cross-stitching supplies. It is difficult to practice the craft and find people who also cross-stitch, even in today’s connected world.

My name is Tiffany. I’m twenty years old and I have cross-stitched for well over a decade, although I’m by no means an expert. Prior to discovering cross-stitch groups on the Internet, I was the only stitcher I ever knew. I believed I was part of a dying breed of embroidery that would soon disappear because no one (other than me) bothered with stitching anymore.

Little Thread Crafts is here to change that. I want this to be a place of learning, a “center of an industry,” a way to spread the word both about cross-stitching itself (yes, it still exists and yes, you don’t have to be old to do it and no, you don’t have to be female to enjoy it) and all of the life and culture surrounding it. I want to get the word out: cross-stitch is not dead! There are thousands of people who love the same thing you do! You are not alone!

There are a number of goals I hope to complete with this blog. I hope to create a place of learning where communities or schools can use this blog as a resource to teach cross-stitch. I hope to create a stash conversation non-profit organization, to save decades worth of finished projects and supplies from ending up in landfills. I hope to compile a dictionary of cross-stitch terms and publish it as a resource for all. These are all future plans I would love to complete some day!

In the meantime, I plan to write articles and share my own progress through the world of stitching. I hope one day to be good enough to get into a magazine or hired on as a cover model stitcher to stitch all those finished samples. And maybe someday cross-stitch will be “mainstream” again, joining the ranks of sewing and knitting!


  • Rebecca Gonzalez

    Hi, Tiffany!!! I am a novice crossstitcher, but I also like to learn needle point. I would like to find an actual groups that meets weekly or monthly. Do you know of any in Mississippi? I moved from Georgia where I was a member of a group that met every week and on the last Saturday of the month.

    • Hi Rebecca! I don’t know of any groups that meet in person, but my recommendation is to try Facebook groups! I have a couple of articles about them. I’m sure there are groups who would know of meet-ups in your area OR are actual pages for groups that do meet up in your area!

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