Where In The World Is Little Thread Crafts?

Hey guys! It’s been almost two months since anything new was posted to the blog so I thought it was time for a little update!

There’s really no big story behind it… Life sneaked up behind me and caught me up. I went on vacation in May, and happened to get a job offer while on the trip. I started the job the beginning of June and it’s been crazy ever since. I haven’t touched my stitching since June 5th, when I finished my Push Button Get Bacon piece. Now my boyfriend and I are about to move to a new place (again, I’m destined to move a lot apparently) so in less than a month I need to pack up my entire stash for an unknown period of time, as we don’t know whether we’ll have enough space in the new place for it.

Health wise I improved a lot in the last few months… still nowhere near perfect but I feel better than I have in a long time. I was at my lowest point in March so perhaps it’s less of an improvement and more that it could only go up from rock bottom. Still, between my health issues and this new job my energy levels are extremely low by the end of every day, and I haven’t touched my stitching in so long there’s not a lot to write about right now!

I miss you all and would love love love to get back into blogging sometime soon… and especially finish all my projects I’ve got going. Perhaps I can set some sort of goal while I’m packing for the move? Get out a travel tote for projects to work on during that time. Then I’ll have stuff to write about again!

Thank you to everyone who has been so patient with me while I vanish off the face of the web… I deeply appreciate it. Thank you for sticking with me! Hopefully I’ll be back soon. <3

We Are Back! :D


Well, after many more months than I anticipated, Little Thread Crafts is back up on its feet! All 170 of our articles have been copied over, re-formatted, re-pictured, and re-posted for your viewing pleasure.

We’ve undergone a complete and total overhaul both on the front end and the back end… we are now self-hosted by Blue Host, and I’ve got control of so much more than I had before. All to make the content better for myself and readers to come together and chat about our crafts and our community!

Now that we are finally caught up on two years’ worth of posts, new content will start up on the site. New Term of the Week, new videos, more tutorials… lots of good stuff coming! It took three months to deal with all the technical issues of the move, but rest assured they are now settled, and content will start up again! Woo! I’m so excited. 🙂

I will see you all next week when the new content starts!

The 100th Post Reflection Post


Happy 100th post!!!

Over the past two years, Little Thread Crafts has posted 100 articles on cross-stitch. From articles on finished pieces, to defining words stitchers use, to articles describing stash saved from the trash, and plenty of random articles about cross-stitch stuff! To celebrate, here are the Top Ten articles of the past 100 posts! Click the title to read the article. Happy Stitching!

Salvaged Stash: A Rescued Paula Vaughan

The second article in the Salvaged Stash series, I talk about a professional-framed Paula Vaughan finished piece that I rescued from a consignment shop, where the owners mentioned the piece was going to be thrown out if no one bought it, as per the consignor’s instructions. This is the number one article on the blog and written as a part of the Save The Stash From The Trash campaign.

Term of the Week: Railroading

In this Term of the Week, I define my favorite technique a stitcher can use while stitching. I personally railroad all my stitches! To see this in action, check out my video series The Five-Minute Stitch!

Crazy Stitching Habits #6

Crazy Stitching Habits is a picture series on all the things stitchers do that might seem crazy to other people. #6 is all about tiny mistakes a non-stitcher can’t see drives stitchers crazy. Click the link to view the image and read the article. You can also like and share the pictures on Facebook, at Little Thread Crafts’ Facebook page!

Looking For a Cross-Stitch Community? Try Facebook! & Facebook Cross-Stitch Groups Revisited

These two articles go over some of the cross-stitch communities on Facebook that are available for everyone to join! As long as you have a Facebook account, you can be a part of a group of stitchers on Facebook. Share progress on WIPs, talk about stitching, get advice… it’s the best way to get in touch with other stitchers when you don’t have a local presence in your neighborhood. 🙂

Salvaged Stash: Cross Stitch Pillow Cases

The first article in the Salvaged Stash series, I discuss how I found hand-stitched pillow cases being used to wrap up dirty glassware at a thrift store I used to work at, and how I rescued them. I was able to save a set to use as pillow cases, but I had to re-stitch the second kit. This article was written as a part of the Save The Stash From The Trash campaign.

About The Blog (And Me)

The “About Me” page on my blog. It outlines my mission statement and what I hope to accomplish with Little Thread Crafts. 🙂

A Stitcher’s Dictionary: Table of Contents

This article is literally a Table of Contents for all the Term of the Week articles I do on the blog. In this article, you can find an alphabetized list of every article done on different terms so far. Including frogging, railroading, pinking, SINS, stash, confetti stitching… the list goes on!

How To: Make An Ort Jar

In these articles, I describe what an Ort Jar is, how to make one, and I show what one looks like! I need to update this as I have this particular Ort Jar finished, and another, and half of another one, since I last wrote these articles. They’ll get updated eventually!

Stitching with Care: Pain Management Tips for Stitchers with Health Issues

This Random Corner article is a brief list of tips and tricks for stitchers with various health issues to manage their pain while stitching. I have a small variety of health issues that can interfere with my stitching, so I share some of the ways I cope in the hopes that it can be helpful to other people as well.

Why I Hate Large Projects

Last but not least, this Random Corner article is a small rant on my dislike of large projects. It caused quite a stir as a majority of stitchers in fact do like large projects! And it rounds out our Top Ten List for 100 posts.

Little Thread Crafts Has Moved!

Hey guys! If you didn’t read the last news post, you can check it out here: Little Thread Crafts Is Upgrading!

But long story short, Little Thread Crafts has moved to a new location! We’re off WordPress.com and we’re self-hosted as our very own website! Yay!

We’re still at the old domain, so you can check us out below by going to the usual place:


However, there have been some… complications. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve never done this before and something goes wrong. Basically, the importer that was supposed to transfer all of the articles, pictures, videos, comments, etc. from this blog to the new one didn’t work. All of the links to the old articles are broken. I also don’t think it transferred over any of the email or general blog subscribers.

What that means is that I’m having to copy+paste and repost all of my articles by hand… so there are a lot of articles missing on the new blog. But don’t worry, they’re coming! Slowly but surely we’ll get back on track.

If you are a fan of Little Thread Crafts and you have NOT received any notifications about new posts in the last few days… PLEASE go to http://www.LittleThreadCrafts.com and re-subscribe! There will not be anything else coming from this blog from now on!

I’m sorry there were issues, I apparently had a problem no one else had… so things are a little broken right now. But they will get better! In the meantime, there are lots of features on the new blog to enjoy, so feel free to look around and fix your bookmarks for any of your favorite articles!

I hope to see you all at the new blog! Happy Stitching.