Crazy Stitching Habits #24

Crazy Stitching Habits #24

Crazy Stitching Habits #24

There are downsides to all of them, but if you ask me, I prefer plastic. I’ve have wooden hoops tear at the fabric because of a splinter, and metal has rusted and gotten rust on the fabric. I know some people complain that the color in the plastic can leach into the fabric, but I’ve never had that happen. Whatever way you want to go, the moral of the story is to never store your project on a hoop!


Have a crazy stitching habit of your own? Feel free to leave a comment and your habit may be in the next segment! 🙂

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  • Sue

    I think I only have bad habits. lol Leaving my needle in the fabric, not taking my stitching out of a frame overnight and not using a frame for ornaments and I reached SABLE long ago would probably be my worse habits!