Progress Report: Sweet Baby Part 2 – A Finish!

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Sweet Baby: Part 1

So this final Progress Report on Sweet Baby is going to be pretty boring because… I can’t find the pictures. Maybe I didn’t actually take them? I would have SWORN I did, though! I’ve gone through all my stitching folders and then some to see if I misplaced them. Nope. As far as I know, they were either deleted somehow or I never took them.

So… oops? But this is still one of the articles in my drafts so I need to finish it!

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Progress Report: Sweet Baby, Part 1

Time for a new Progress Report! Woo!

So I started this project on one of my Five Minute Stitch videos, so you can see the initial few stitches starting from here:

The Five-Minute Stitch! EP23

And I talk about why I picked this project and all that good stuff. πŸ™‚ But in case you don’t wanna watch: my cousin is having her sixth baby (and her second girl!) here in a couple months. I wanted to do a sampler but if I did the baby would be five years old before it was finished. I’m very slow with stitching! So I decided on one of my mini kits instead. It’s a Janlynn kit called “Sweet Baby” – I can give exact details as needed, or you will see it in the Friday Finishes when the project is complete. πŸ™‚

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Progress Report: Books Bookmark

This is another Progress Report like the Sweet Baby finish that I would swear I had more pictures of the progress than is actually in my progress folder on my computer. I wonder if maybe I used a different memory card, or took them on a different camera? Maybe when I switched to my new camera I forgot I still had photos on the old memory card. I’ve looked but I can’t find where that memory card has gone. I still have the camera, but the memory card isn’t in it. I also looked through the pictures on my phone to see if I had taken any there, but I couldn’t find anything on that, either. Hmm. Either I’m going crazy or I’ve lost the pictures somehow.

Anyway. You can watch the start of this project and a lot of the stitching unfold on the Five-Minute Stitch videos, so it’s not a total loss! Here is the first one, in case you want to watch them: The Five-Minute Stitch! EP06

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Progress Report: Little Miss Crafty, Start to Finish

This was a very quick project to do and I loved every minute of it! This mini kit was one of the Bucilla kits I picked up during my Mini Kit stash expansion. I’ve still got several more to do but this was the first!

This kit was mostly back-stitch and French knots, with very little actual stitching. But I had a lot of fun with it and it gave me a chance to practice French knots again. πŸ™‚

The thimble and one of the buttons is done here.

The thimble and one of the buttons is done here.

Needle and buttons are now finished! Just need the words.

Needle and buttons are now finished! Just need the words.

There we go! All finished.

There we go! All finished.

If I remember correctly, this kit only took me a few hours to stitch over the course of a couple days.

I even showcased a little of it in a Five Minute Stitch video; The Five-Minute Stitch! EP22.

But that’s all for this kit! The next time you see this will be on a Friday Finishes! πŸ™‚


Progress Report is an update on all my stitching habits, from the kits to the stitching to the finishing process and more! Right now I am featuring one of my cat-themed projects and several of the mini kits I’m currently working on, along with other pieces I like to pull out and work on at random.

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Progress Report: Christmas Teddy Bear, Start to Finish

Remember my Christmas Gift Fiasco last year? Remember the pieces I talked about on the Beary Kissmas Progress Report? Now look at the calendar and realize with some growing panic that Christmas 2014 is a month and a half away.

Oh wait, no, I should be the one doing that.

All joking aside, here I am almost a year later with a Progress Report on one of the only two Christmas presents I finished in time to give as gifts last year. One was the Beary Kissmas, mentioned above – that was a gift to my boyfriend (and technically myself) to hang on our baby Christmas tree – and the other is the subject of this article!

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Progress Report: Butterfly, Start to Finish

You can see almost all of the second half of this project unfold in the Five-Minute Stitch series: The Five-Minute Stitch! EP00: PILOT

This project was the first project where I decided to make an effort to take Progress Report pictures as I went. I kept talking about wanting to take more pictures and write more articles on them, but I hadn’t started doing it as often as I do now (I still don’t do it often enough, but it’s a start!).

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Progress Report: Owl Pillow Cases

Okay! A whole year later we are finally up to the very last Christmas 2013 present!

This was the Christmas project that got started last, so it had the least amount done. And the way it’s looking this year it probably won’t be finished this Christmas either! What’s funny is I actually have this as a mini kit as well, so if it starts coming down to another time crunch I can just stitch the mini kit as a gift instead.

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Progress Report: Dragonfly Needlepoint

Here it is. The dreaded first-ever needlepoint project which was the reason behind the Christmas Gift Fiasco of 2013. It was also my first, rather fail attempt at a needlepoint project.

Now all the mistakes made were entirely my fault. I shouldn’t have picked such a detailed needlepoint for my very first project. I didn’t realize how hard needlepoint would be for a beginner. I thought, “Needlepoint is just a bunch of half-crosses! I can do half-crosses!” I was very wrong.

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30 Day Project – Day 4 – The Jar Takes Shape

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A Good Thing: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

I didn’t have nearly as much time today to stitch as I thought I would… I went and spent some time at my mom’s helping her clean house so we can sell some stuff on ebay and the likes. I thought I would have more time to stitch when I got home but I overworked my wrist and I’m now in some serious pain so I need to rest rather than stitch. I did get twenty stitches or so done throughout the day so I don’t feel the day was a total waste!

Here is where we finished yesterday:

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