Progress Report: Cat Rotation #1, I Don’t Do Mornings, Part 1

IDDMCoverThe first piece in my Cat-Themed Rotation is this one, “I Don’t Do Mornings” by Dimensions.

I picked up this kit on my first (and so far only) trip to Michael’s, where I was determined to walk out with a kit of some kind. I am a cat person so I loved cat-themed projects, and I love the phrasing on this since I’m not a morning person in the least, and one of my cats Shyloh essentially does this every morning once you open your door: climbs all over you chattering saying, “good morning, good morning, good morning!” and demanding love and attention the moment you roll out of bed. So I can definitely relate to this poor mother cat!

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Progress Report: My Cat-Themed Rotation

CatRotationOverviewWelcome to the first article in our newest Progress Report: Cat Rotation!

I am a fan of small projects. I am impatient and will often have a hard time getting through larger projects because I don’t feel that I make as much progress in one sitting as I do with small projects. This is why I have a huge pile of small kits to do and a slightly smaller pile of the finished products. These motifs are usually animals or little phrases, and I have a small Bucilla kit which is of a house (that I really want to do). However, lately I’ve been having a strong urge to not only do a big project, but do more than just an animal or a cutesy little phrase.

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Progress Report: A Wedding Sampler Conundrum

The sampler.

The sampler.

So I was going to write today’s article on a Progress Report for the Native Wolf Dream Catcher I’ve been working on… except when I pulled it out to take a picture of it, and pulled up the last progress picture I took… I realized I hadn’t done a single stitch since that article. Oops! I could’ve sworn I’d worked on it some but I couldn’t find what I’d worked on. I must have taken the picture right before I set it aside for the Seashell Pillow Cases I recently talked about.

Since the Native Wolf didn’t work out, I dug out another piece I’ve been wanting to write an article about: a wedding sampler, my first one, that I’m really torn over because I… hate it.

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Progress Report: Native Wolf Dream Catcher

My first ever doomed project...

My first ever doomed project…

Today’s Progress Report actually has quite a story behind it. One that’s seven years in the making!

This project is actually the third cross-stitch piece I ever worked on. It would have been number three on Friday Finishes if I ever completed it. But… I didn’t. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my first UFO.

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