Progress Report: Sweet Baby Part 2 – A Finish!

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Sweet Baby: Part 1

So this final Progress Report on Sweet Baby is going to be pretty boring because… I can’t find the pictures. Maybe I didn’t actually take them? I would have SWORN I did, though! I’ve gone through all my stitching folders and then some to see if I misplaced them. Nope. As far as I know, they were either deleted somehow or I never took them.

So… oops? But this is still one of the articles in my drafts so I need to finish it!

Here’s where we finished last time:

And I officially run out of light and have to stop.

Bad lighting as I stitched outside with the sun going down.

There were lots of fractionals, but I was nearly done. I just had the top half of the rattle and the backstitch left to go. And I did that! However those are all the pictures that are missing. The only picture I have is the finished product minus the wash and the frame.

So here it is:

A finish!

A finish!

So all that’s left is a wash and a frame! My baby cousin was born last month so I’ve decided to turn this into a Christmas present for her and her mother.

There you go! The next time you see this piece it will be on Friday Finishes!


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