Progress Report: Owl Pillow Cases

Okay! A whole year later we are finally up to the very last Christmas 2013 present!

This was the Christmas project that got started last, so it had the least amount done. And the way it’s looking this year it probably won’t be finished this Christmas either! What’s funny is I actually have this as a mini kit as well, so if it starts coming down to another time crunch I can just stitch the mini kit as a gift instead.

My little sister loves owls, so when I saw these pillow cases I had to stitch them for her. (I am currently on a pillow case kick. I hated stamped projects but I love making the pillow cases, it’s quite the juxtaposition.) But with the problems of the Christmas Gift Fiasco I didn’t get very far into the project, and I have yet to work on it at all this year. I know, it’s bad.

So here’s the picture of the progress from December 2013:

Progress on the first of the two pillow cases.

Progress on the first of the two pillow cases.

I pulled the pillow case out of the ziplock baggie I keep my projects in and for some reason this one had a bunch of hair on it? Hmm. Strange. It’s probably cat hair, to be honest. I’ll have to pay more attention when putting stuff away, I guess. A little cat hair never hurt anything!


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