30 Day Project – Day 4 – The Jar Takes Shape

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I didn’t have nearly as much time today to stitch as I thought I would… I went and spent some time at my mom’s helping her clean house so we can sell some stuff on ebay and the likes. I thought I would have more time to stitch when I got home but I overworked my wrist and I’m now in some serious pain so I need to rest rather than stitch. I did get twenty stitches or so done throughout the day so I don’t feel the day was a total waste!

Here is where we finished yesterday:

You can see the outline of one of the jars as well as the sleeve now.

You can see the outline of one of the jars as well as the sleeve now.

And then here’s what we got done on the Five Minute Stitch video today:

A start on the jar portion.

A start on the jar portion.

And then I managed to finish up the rest of the yellow in that area:

So much of this portion of the chart done... it feels good!

So much of this portion of the chart done… it feels good!

I’m enjoying this exercise of stitching a little on the same project every day. I would normally accomplish a lot more in a stitching session, but I wouldn’t stitch on it very often. Here, I’m not getting a lot of stitches done every day, but I am stitching on it every day. I’m not dropping the project for something else after 100 stitches. I like it! It’s nice. I don’t think I would do it if not for the NaBloPoMo challenge, but I’m enjoying it nonetheless!


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