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Progress Report: God Sent Special Things – Part 4 – Vacation Stitching

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My wrist is feeling pretty crummy today and I’ve got class tonight, so I really don’t feel like doing anything… since the chance of me doing any stitching to cheer myself up is low, I thought it might be nice to write some articles for the blog instead!

Funny story: when I first started this project I was about to go on vacation to Florida for a week… that was almost two years ago now! I took it with me to stitch on and ended up spending all my time in the ocean so I don’t think I got more than 10 stitches done on it? Fast forward two years later, I’m going on vacation to Florida, and having completely forgot that this was the project I took two years ago, I brought it with me to stitch on!

So this is where we left off last time:

I didn't actually count but I'm guessing that's around 50 stitches.

I didn’t actually count but I’m guessing that’s around 50 stitches.

Again, I spent more time in the ocean and on the beach than I did inside with my stitching so I didn’t get much done. But, we spent the night at my boyfriend’s grandpa’s house on the way back home and there was a nasty storm, so I stitched some while the power flickered, and I stitched some more as we finished the last half of the drive. I don’t know how many stitches I finished… but I feel like I made some progress!

This is the sum total of all the stitching I did on vacation:

Slowly starting to take shape!

Slowly starting to take shape!

I finished the stitches on the left kitten where I had run out of thread, and I started on the basket both kittens are sitting in. There are a lot of fractionals in that area! I seem to pick the projects with the maximum amount of fractionals in one area. It drives me crazy! I don’t mind doing fractionals but I do mind them on aida, and that’s all I seem to stitch on. I debated starting on the white on the right kitten so it didn’t look like a zombie ate part of its face, but my philosophy is always to save white on white for as close to the end as possible! I was happy to work with darker thread and different colors. I don’t like confetti stitching but working with the same colors can get so dull after awhile.


Progress Report is an update on all my stitching habits, from the kits to the stitching to the finishing process and more! Right now I am featuring one of my cat-themed projects and several of the mini kits I’m currently working on, along with other pieces I like to pull out and work on at random.

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Welcome to the Little Thread Crafts’ Youtube Channel!

It’s finally here! I spent a week learning basic editing and hunting down pictures to make this video… the trailer for the YouTube Channel! Didn’t know we had a YouTube Channel? Now you do!

I plan on being much more active on the blog and on the Channel now that I’m off work! Expect many more videos to come!

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My First Knitting Project!

Remember how I mentioned that I want to be the Stitching Guru, and just know all the different needlework crafts? (I could also be called the Needle Guru, or the Needlework Guru. Take your pick! As long as Guru is in their somewhere.)

Our Joann store reset the entire yarn/needlework department, and while I was stocking yarn I spotted this book by Leisure Arts:

Learn To Knit By Leisure Arts

Learn To Knit By Leisure Arts

I was really impressed with the supplies explanation and the first few pages of instructions, so I decided to take the plunge! I had a three day weekend and I said I wanted to learn how, why not teach myself?

My years of cross-stitch and DMC thread was painfully obvious; I followed the directions and got a Size 10 (8mm) needle, but went with a thinner yarn, since I thought less strands of embroidery floss equals easier to work with, so thinner yarn equals easier to work with. It’s actually the exact opposite in knitting. The bigger/heavier the yarn, the better, for beginners. Oops.

I also got a darker variegated yarn when I was told to get bright. I couldn’t find any colors I liked and I figured it wasn’t actually THAT dark.

And I very quickly learned I am a VERY visual learner. As I said, I was initially impressed with the instructions in the book. I got the Cast On part of knitting very quickly just from the pictures. And… that was all. I couldn’t figure out from the written instructions OR the included online video tutorials how to do the Knit Stitch or the Purl Stitch. I got so frustrated! My brain knew how it was supposed to work but it wouldn’t translate to my hands. The yarn would get all tangled up, and I didn’t know how it was supposed to look, so I couldn’t tell if I was doing it right or wrong.

Luckily, the Youtube Channel GoodKnitKisses came to my rescue. She has a great tutorial on needle knitting, and after watching her videos a few times and working for a few hours, I got my first few rows done!

My first two knitted rows!

My first two knitted rows!

And then after four more rows I cut the thread and threw it away.

The pattern the book uses as the tutorial is a pot holder/coaster type of deal. Honestly, that is too small to learn from AND it wanted me to switch between Knit and Purl mid-row. As a beginner, who still can’t grasp the concept of Purl Stitch. So after a few attempts I said “Yeah no” and decided to just toss the book aside completely. I will revisit when I am less of a total beginner.

I decided instead to do a scarf! I can already tell I’ve made it too wide. But hey, it’s good for a beginner! And it’s just the Knit Stitch until you’re done type of deal. Cast On, Knit until you think it’s long enough, Bind Off, finish. So I’ll get lots of practice!

I’ve already lost count of my rows, though.

Check out those lovely rows!

Check out those lovely rows!

Finally Settled In!

My new office!

My new office!

Well, the move is finally complete! It was a lot of work and a pain in the butt, but we were able to get the apartment a week and a half ago and I got the rest of the boxes unpacked last night. The last to get unpacked and put together was my office area! Which is to say, my boxes and boxes of craft stuff.

It took some wiggling and moving around – the built-in bookshelf included with the apartment is just slightly too small for my fabric boxes – they’re too long and too wide, so I had to do some push and shove to get it all to fit. But it did!

Now that I’m all settled in, I’m excited to get back to crafting, and the blog! My last day of work is the 27th and after that I’m hoping to take a few months to get my wrist fixed and get into crafting full-time. The goal is to be able to work from home by the time my rent savings runs out!

Watch this space – you’ll be seeing a lot more articles in the future!

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A Job And Stitching Dilemma

As those of you who have followed my blog for any length of time know, even before this blog was created, I had a problem with my left wrist. I have to wear a brace for it and it limits the use of my left hand.

After two years, four different braces, and five doctors, they still aren’t sure what’s causing the problem. The only suggestion I have received is one of two things: a ganglion cyst, or a tear in a ligament. Or it could be both. Or neither! All scans have been inconclusive. All I know is, it hurts. A lot.

Their solution to the problem has been cortisone steroid injections and digging around with needles to see if they can get the cyst (if there is one) or heal up any injury there may be. I had my first procedure the middle of June; it didn’t help at all. But I also worked two jobs over 60 hours a week, and I only had three days off to rest it. So I figured, I just didn’t give it enough time to heal. It’ll get better once life calms down.

Since then, I left my second job, went on vacation, and had my second procedure. All good. My wrist was sore from the needles and the steroid, but it felt better. My first job at Joann’s was kind enough not to put me on the schedule until I asked them to. I had five days of rest before I went in to work today for my first 8 hour shift in about three weeks.

I was on shift working the cutting counter for four hours. Still had four to go. And my wrist was killing me. Four hours of work reversed five days of healing. It was as if I had never gotten the injection at all. As this is how it’s been for the past few years… I believe the work I currently do (retail) aggravates whatever problem my wrist has. I need an easy job where I can take frequent breaks, as to not strain my wrist. As this is unrealistic in the working world I currently inhabit, I should turn towards working from home.

Let’s examine my skills that I could turn into a business from home and/or market to get a job where I can work from home. I can type. I can blog. (So, put together, I can write.) And I can stitch. Okay, good. Now these things do actually irritate my wrist, but if I work at my own pace and can take breaks whenever I want, it shouldn’t be that big of a problem.

Here is the issue: these things aren’t exactly the most accessible to make money through. At least on the blog front. I don’t average enough viewers to make money, as much as I love it and as much as I would like to. So let’s look at stitching. Now I’m not an artist, and I understand copyright – so designing and distributing charts is out. I don’t know how to make my own fabric or threads, so supplies are out. (Not that I can’t learn, of course, but as it stands I don’t know how so it won’t count.) I could probably make little accessories like needle minders and scissor fobs and whatnot, if I had an artistic talent, which I don’t, really, or else I’d design my own charts!

So what does that leave on the stitching front? Custom framing? I could probably learn how to do that. I could learn how to make my own fabrics and threads, possibly. Little accessories are a possibility also.

I DO know there’s such a thing as model stitching – you know, the finished pieces that are used to show what the chart will look like. Usually used to help sell the piece, as on a kit or a booklet. Someone’s gotta stitch those, right? That would be a great job! But I don’t know how to get started. I do pieces from kits, I don’t have a favorite designer… if model stitching was my job I’m sure I would stitch a LOT more and get done faster, but as it stands I’m slow and my favorite pieces are small. How does one break into the model stitching industry? Anybody have any ideas?

While I’m on the subject of asking questions, what would YOU suggest for a stitching-oriented, from-home job? I’ve also considered possibly teaching, as I know the DMC mentor program is a thing. Or maybe software development? An app/website that keeps track of your WIPs, your threads, your whatever? Something by a stitcher for fellow stitchers? I don’t know. I’ve just been feeling down because I didn’t use my left hand for five days, felt better, and immediately after going back to a job I love my wrist felt all the way back to square one.

Anyway. Let me know your thoughts! Send those ideas my way! And if you happen to be someone or know someone who can talk to me about model stitching and how to get into it, I’d love to chat!

Curse this bum wrist!

Curse this bum wrist!


“Random Corner” is a place for all articles related to all manners of cross-stitchery and the cross-stitch community that don’t fall into the topics covered in the regular segments. There is no set schedule for Random Corner articles, they’re just random!

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Crazy Stitch Habits #22

CSH #22

Someone mentioned this the other day and I had to agree! Sometimes I see things and I think, “wow, that would make a great finished piece!”


Have a crazy stitching habit of your own? Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message on Facebook and your habit may be in the next segment! :)


Progress Report: Sweet Baby

Time for a new Progress Report! Woo!

So I started this project on one of my Five Minute Stitch videos, so you can see the initial few stitches in these videos:

The Five-Minute Stitch! EP23 —***— The Five-Minute Stitch! EP26

And I talk about why I picked this project and all that good stuff. :) But in case you don’t wanna watch: my cousin is having her sixth baby (and her second girl!) here in a couple months. I wanted to do a sampler but if I did the baby would be five years old before it was finished. I’m very slow with stitching! So I decided on one of my mini kits  instead. It’s a Janlynn kit called “Sweet Baby” – I can give exact details as needed, or you will see it in the Friday Finishes when the project is complete. :)

So this is where I finished in the two videos:

A good start!

A good start!

I did a little more going towards the bottom – I don’t like counting up from my last stitch if I can help it. Too easy to lose count! But around when I started the yellow I realized exactly HOW many fractional stitches this project has… too many, that’s how many. Sooo many fractionals!

I just started into the fractionals on this picture...

I just started into the fractionals on this picture…

Sweet Baby 3

I realize that 50% of this project is fractionals. Sigh.

And then I put the project aside for awhile, as I usually do. It’s one of those things where I think about stitching ALL the time, but I only pick up a needle every few weeks. No excuse, really. I’d make time if I desperately wanted to stitch. So anyway, it was the 4th of July and we were all hanging outside by the bonfire after dinner waiting for the sun to go down and the fireworks to start. So I decided to stitch by the fire!

The sun is just starting to go down.

The sun is just starting to go down.

And I officially run out of light and have to stop.

And I officially run out of light and have to stop.

Look how many fractionals! Look! The good news is at this point that the project is nearly finished… I’ve got a little more to go at the top of the rattle and then it’s just back-stitch left! Which means I got through the fractionals, pretty much. Now this is as far as I’ve gotten, but I’ve got ten weeks or so until the baby comes. Or, I might wait until Christmas and give it to the whole family along with some other stitched gifts. Haven’t decided! Either way I’ve got plenty of time left. Making good progress!


Progress Report is an update on all my stitching habits, from the kits to the stitching to the finishing process and more! Right now I am featuring a Cat-Themed Rotation of three cat-themed projects, my Wolf Dream Catcher, Seashell Pillow Cases, and a few other pieces.

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