Term of the Week: Procrosstinate

Term of the Week: Procrosstinate

Term of the Week: Procrosstinate

This week’s Term of the Week is a fun one, and one you can find on a coffee mug! I thought it was cute and wanted to share. So without further ado, here is the definition of Procrosstinate!

verb: To Cross Stitch when you could be doing housework

It’s like procrastinating for stitchers! How many other stitchers have avoided housework, homework, actual work, and any kind of other work you can think of because stitching is so much more fun and enjoyable? I know I definitely procrosstinate… maybe a little too much sometimes… everything in moderation!

I got the definition off of this cute mug from the YarnTree website:


Find it here! Procrosstinate Mug

The mug shows up in posts in my Facebook cross-stitch groups every couple of months, it seems. This definition feels so true I thought it would be worth a share!


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