Progress Report: My Cat-Themed Rotation

CatRotationOverviewWelcome to the first article in our newest Progress Report: Cat Rotation!

I am a fan of small projects. I am impatient and will often have a hard time getting through larger projects because I don’t feel that I make as much progress in one sitting as I do with small projects. This is why I have a huge pile of small kits to do and a slightly smaller pile of the finished products. These motifs are usually animals or little phrases, and I have a small Bucilla kit which is of a house (that I really want to do). However, lately I’ve been having a strong urge to not only do a big project, but do more than just an animal or a cutesy little phrase.

As I have said on other articles, I am a chronic kit-buyer. I can’t pass a kit up if I see it, especially if it’s on sale. So I end up with kits like the ones above in droves, and as I have a hard time starting and getting through large projects, I needed to come up with a way to a.) decide what kit to do, and b.) find a way to stick through it. So I decided, hey, why not try a rotation?

I very, very rarely have more than one project going at a time (one UFO being an exception) and I couldn’t decide which of my many cat-themed kits I wanted to do, so why not pick three and do them all? (There is one 5 x 7 that sadly got left out. It will be part of the next Cat-Themed Rotation!) This way I won’t get burned out on one, and eventually I’ll be done with them all in a timely manner.

So these are the three I ended up with: “I Don’t Do Mornings,” by Dimensions; “God Sent Special Things,” by Janlynn; and finally, the BAP, “Cats in the Kitchen,” by Janlynn. “Cats in the Kitchen” is the largest project I have ever done by an inch, and surprisingly a lot of the background is un-stitched, so there’s a little bit less to it than one would think.

My schedule for the rotation is as follows: “I Don’t Do Mornings” is worked on for one week, usually Wednesday to Wednesday, the first week of the month; “God Sent Special Things” is worked on for one week, Wednesday to Wednesday, the second week of the month; and finally, since the project is the largest and it’ll take more stitching on this to equal the same amount of progress on the other other two projects, “Cats in the Kitchen” for the final two weeks of the month, Wednesday to the Wednesday after next. (Wednesdays are tentative, just what I happen to be going by right now!)

As of this writing, I am in the second week of “Cats in the Kitchen,” so I’ve gotten through the first weeks of all three projects and so far they are going well. This post is just an overview on the rotation and what I hope to accomplish; from now on you’ll be getting direct updates every week on the projects themselves. And hopefully that will encourage me to work on each one equally until I get them all finished!


Progress Report is a weekly update on all my stitching habits, from the kits to the stitching to the finishing process! Right now I am featuring a Cat-Themed Rotation of three cat-themed projects I hope to complete in a timely manner.