Where In The World Is Little Thread Crafts?

Hey guys! It’s been almost two months since anything new was posted to the blog so I thought it was time for a little update!

There’s really no big story behind it… Life sneaked up behind me and caught me up. I went on vacation in May, and happened to get a job offer while on the trip. I started the job the beginning of June and it’s been crazy ever since. I haven’t touched my stitching since June 5th, when I finished my Push Button Get Bacon piece. Now my boyfriend and I are about to move to a new place (again, I’m destined to move a lot apparently) so in less than a month I need to pack up my entire stash for an unknown period of time, as we don’t know whether we’ll have enough space in the new place for it.

Health wise I improved a lot in the last few months… still nowhere near perfect but I feel better than I have in a long time. I was at my lowest point in March so perhaps it’s less of an improvement and more that it could only go up from rock bottom. Still, between my health issues and this new job my energy levels are extremely low by the end of every day, and I haven’t touched my stitching in so long there’s not a lot to write about right now!

I miss you all and would love love love to get back into blogging sometime soon… and especially finish all my projects I’ve got going. Perhaps I can set some sort of goal while I’m packing for the move? Get out a travel tote for projects to work on during that time. Then I’ll have stuff to write about again!

Thank you to everyone who has been so patient with me while I vanish off the face of the web… I deeply appreciate it. Thank you for sticking with me! Hopefully I’ll be back soon. <3