Progress Report: God Sent Special Things – Part 3

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THIS is an example of why I Don’t Like Large Projects!

So this is where I left off on my “God Sent Special Things” cross-stitch piece that was a part of my failed Cat Rotation:

The current progress.

Where I left off last.

Well, some time ago I worked on the piece some more – and apparently forgot to write a Progress Report on it – and got more done on the kitten on the left!

The left kitten finally has full ears.

The left kitten finally has full ears.

And back to my original point: this piece is an example on why I don’t like large projects all that much, and much prefer to stitch things that are small and quick to do. This piece is small; it’s only a 5 x 7, and I’ve done bigger ones before. But I sat down one night and managed around thirty or forty more stitches on the piece. This is as far as I got:

The current progress, after fifty some stitches.

The current progress, after forty some stitches.

I’m a pretty slow stitcher, so that took me about an hour or so of work. And look how much I got done. The rim of the basket they’re sitting in, and part of the handle. That’s it! Forty stitches and around an hour and the piece only moved an inch forward. If I had done the same amount of stitches on one of my mini kits I’d be anywhere from a quarter to half finished with the piece!

That’s way too slow for me! Especially right now when I’ve got precious little time to stitch. After I realized how much time had passed I got frustrated and broke out one of my mini kits. At least I know I could get a lot more done in a solid hour! Even with a piece as small as a 5 x 7, I need to wait until I’ve got more time and just steadily work away at it until it’s done.


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