Progress Report: Cat Rotation #2, God Sent Special Things, Part 1

GHSCoverThis is the second project in my Cat-Themed Rotation, “God Sent Special Things” by Janlynn.

I have had this kit for quite a while now, I don’t distinctly remember buying it but it must have been on one of my usual kit-buying sessions. I have always thought the kit was really pretty though! Before I decided on doing my rotation I was seriously considering doing this piece on its own. I love the cat motif and the colors are pretty and appealing and I only hesitated with not starting it before because of the size, 5″ by 7″, because I’m used to doing lots of little projects instead of one larger one.

As with the “I Don’t Do Mornings” piece, the project started in the center on the white part of the mouth, but it was close enough to the tan of the face that I just moved up a couple stitches and started there instead. This piece has a lot more quarter stitches than the other, which of course sucks to do on aida, so I had a little bit of trouble getting them to turn out all right.

The eyes were the most disappointing, I wanted to fill them in before I moved on to other bits of the kitten and when I went to do it I realized all of the eyes are done in quarter stitches and back stitch. Sigh. Looking at the cover photo now I see that the eyes aren’t just blocks but I was hoping I could have finished it off without having to break out the back stitch to do it. Here’s my progress so far:

The current progress!

The current progress!

Once again I got through the majority of the stitching on this in one day because it was the only time I could find to sit down and stitch. I think I’m done with that kitten entirely besides the white of its body and some of the grey shading, which of course I’m going to try and avoid as much as possible until I get the basin done and can just fill in the empty spaces. Before I move on to anything else I’ll probably be breaking out the back stitch and filling in all those ugly quarter stitches because it makes it look a little shoddy to me. And I’ve got some white in that corner that I could fill in now since it’s surrounded on all sides.

This is the project I’m taking on vacation with me, so by the time I get back I hope to have a lot done on this! We’re expecting a thunderstorm on Monday so we’ll probably be stuck inside, the perfect opportunity to break out the needle and thread and begin. πŸ™‚ I almost had a scare though – I packed everything into a plastic bag, decided to put it all in a clear Ziploc bag instead, and realized that the needle for the project was missing! I searched the interior of the plastic bag and the other bag I had it in before packing it and couldn’t find the needle, but I took the one from “I Don’t Do Mornings” which works fine. Whew, it’s a good thing I checked though! Would have sucked to get all the way to an island in Florida with no LNS nearby and then discover my needle was gone. And you can’t stitch without a needle.

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