Progress Report: Cat Rotation #2, God Sent Special Things, Part 2

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So, remember the Cat Rotation I completely and utterly failed to stick to? I did an initial article on all three, but I never really gave an update on them afterwards. Mainly because I hadn’t stitched on them at all. Well I did do a little on my favorite of the three pieces, God Sent Special Things, that I thought I’d share with you all!

Here is where I got to during the actual rotation:

The current progress!

The current progress!

When I finished the last article, I wrapped it up saying that the first kitten was mostly finished, because the rest of the body was white on white aida and I normally save all the white for as close to last as I can, that way I don’t have to worry so much about miscounting since I have a hard time seeing white stitches on white aida. I did put in the white next to the kitten’s right eye and finish putting in the green, and then did the back-stitch around the eyes because it looked incomplete without it. And then, it was on to the next kitten!

The current progress.

The current progress.

This kitten is much harder to see than the first – it’s an orange tabby, and there’s a lot of very light colored stitched all right next to each other. One ear is half-formed by the other kitten and the other isn’t stitched, so without the back-stitch the kitten looks like a grey and orange blob. But I’ve gotten most of the second kitten done as well! Now to do the basket and the fun pretty colors that I fell in love with the kit over.


Progress Report is an update on all my stitching habits, from the kits to the stitching to the finishing process and more! Right now I am featuring a Cat-Themed Rotation of three cat-themed projects, my Wolf Dream Catcher, and a few other piece.

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