Friday Finishes #37: Push Button Get Bacon

Push Button Get Bacon

Today’s Finish!

Today’s Friday Finish is a fun piece I stitched for my boyfriend for Christmas. I charted this one myself!

Name of Piece: Push Button, Get Bacon

Designed by: I charted this myself!

Chart or Kit?: Chart

The chart based on this image: Push Button Receive Bacon

Finished Size: 3.75 inch by 3.25 inch, stitched on 18 ct aida fabric

The Story: I saw someone else stitch a piece very similar to this (based on the same image). I thought it was hilarious and wanted to stitch it for my boyfriend. But when I asked them where they got the chart, the place they got it from was shut down and no chart existed anymore. So, I googled the image, stuck it into a cross-stitch picture-to-chart converter, made some adjustments, and made my own chart to follow!

You can follow along on the progress on this piece below:

Progress Report: Push Button Get Bacon, Start to Finish

Time To Complete: Total stitch time was about 6 hours. This took several sittings to complete because I kept picking it up and putting it back down.

Review: Because this chart only has two colors, and the whole picture is single block crosses with no back-stitch or fractionals or anything, the actual stitching was not difficult. I specifically designed the chart to be as basic as possible.

Looking at the finished piece, if I could go back and make changes, I would. The big one being that both boxes should be the same size so the letters on the left have more space. I would also make the ‘G’ the same height as the ‘E’ in Get. I have no idea why they aren’t the same size. But one always sees the flaws in their own work. Overall I think the piece turned out great!

The Finished Piece:

Push Button Get Bacon

The finished piece!

Final Verdict: I loved this piece and I got experience in charting. Plus, it made a great Christmas gift for my boyfriend! It is now hanging on the wall in our bedroom with several other pieces.

Have you done this piece before? How did it go for you? How did you like it, or not like it, as the case may be? Leave a comment below or head on over to our Facebook page and tell us how it went!


Friday Finishes is a segment where I catalog and review all the cross-stitch pieces I have ever completed. Some of the pieces I no longer have information on, or I don’t have pictures because I gave away the piece as a gift and forgot to take a picture, but I’ll do my best to be as informative as possible! Check back on Fridays for more.