Progress Report: Families Photo Album, Part 5 – A Finish!

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Here is the finale on the Families Photo Album piece! It was a bit of a trial… I should have done 18 count instead of 16 count to get the size I wanted, but I didn’t realize I miscalculated until it was too late. I made due with what I had, and I think it turned out all right, all things considered.

Here is where we left off on Part 4:

Bottom border finished!

After setting it down for a week or two, I picked it back up for the home stretch. The first to finish was the ‘R’ in ‘Forever’, and then that was the entire middle and bottom portions of the chart done. Then I went up to start on the top border and work on finishing the word ‘Families’:

Nearly finished with the chart!

Nearly finished with the chart!

So I finished off the red flower with the lighter red color, then added the ‘E’ and the ‘S’ to finish off all the lettering! Then all I had left to finish was the flower leaves and the final leaf on the vine on the bottom border:

One more flower leaf to go and the chart is complete!

One more flower leaf to go and the chart is complete!

Once the last flower leaf was in, it was finished!

The finished piece! Just needs washed and ironed and framed.

The finished piece! Just needs washed and ironed and framed.

And there we have it! A finish! Just in time for Christmas. I was able to wash and iron and frame it in the photo album along with a few other Christmas gifts I made. You can see the full thing on the Friday Finishes article when it comes out!

This chart was Families Are Forever from Daily Cross Stitch. I altered the colors to match the photo album this was going into. If you’re interested in purchasing this chart and stitching it for yourself, you can find it here:

Families Are Forever Chart from Daily Cross Stitch


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