I’ve Been Bit By The Project Bug!


I saw a retweet from Mr. X-Stitch on my Twitter the other day for a chart on a nerdy take on a “Welcome Home” cross-stitch. It was a design by HappyStitchNet on Etsy and is a CSS style code. When I saw it, I immediately had to have it. Both my boyfriend and I are nerdy people who dabble in code – he has a degree in Computer Science, in fact – and it was one of those unique pieces I wanted to get and stitch for our home. Those who know me know I only very rarely stitch charts, so it must be a rare thing to attract me to something that’s not a kit!

I just had to have this! Purchase this here.

I just had to have this! Home Sweet Home in CSS by HappyStitchNet. Purchase this here.

After I bought it, I found another chart by HappyStitchNet of an HTML mock-up of a website called HTML Welcome Sign. I just had to have that one as well! So I bought them both and printed out the charts and decided to kit them both up.

Then, I stumbled across an old freebie in my Free Charts folder from Birdie Stitching. I’ve followed her blog for years and I’ve saved a lot of her Pokemon charts to eventually stitch, but I haven’t actually stitched any of them. So when I found this Luvdisc Chart in my folder I decided I might as well add it to my pile of charts that I was suddenly accumulating. I printed it off as well.

Last but not least, I found a picture that I wanted to cross-stitch. I saw someone had stitched it and wanted to stitch it myself. It’s the well known “Push Button Receive Bacon” picture:

Push Button, Receive Bacon image.

Push Button, Receive Bacon image.

I think this was converted into a cross-stitch chart at one point? I found a Folksy store and an Etsy store that claimed to have sold the chart at some point, but they were both no longer available. I don’t know whether it’s safe to chart the image myself, but I did! I couldn’t find who owned the image, if anyone; I think it’s just a meme based on the images on a hand dryer. It’s for personal use anyway so I’m covered if there is some sort of copyright on the image.

I hand-charted a pattern based on the image, changed the spacing on the picture and the words at the bottom, and then printed that out as well. I went from having no charts to do to having 4 charts to do in about an hour. I’ve clearly been bit by the Project Bug! I’ve got a whole pile of projects to do already, I really shouldn’t have added more to the pile.

I sat down and looked at all these charts I now owned. What should I do with all these? And then I realized: my boyfriend’s birthday was coming up. The Bacon chart was expressly for him, but the rest I could do for him as well. I have roughly two months before his birthday to stitch all four charts. So I could stitch them for him! It would be motivation to get them done now and not five years from now.

Only problem: I had exactly two of the required colors for all four charts. I had DMC 310 (black), and I had B5200 (White). Out of 15 some colors, I had two. So I had to make an emergency run to Michael’s to get the thread I needed! I also got a package of needles and 18 ct. Aida in both white and off-white… couldn’t decide what I wanted to go with at the time. (I went with off-white.)

I think this is the most projects I’ve kitted up all at the same time, but I’m happy the Project Bug is here!

My projects all kitted up!

My projects all kitted up!


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