Term of the Week: PIZL


This week’s Term of the Week made me laugh when I saw it. I had to cover it for today’s term. It applies to me so well!

So, what does a bunch of random looking letters like PIZL mean? Well, it’s actually an anagram for a bunch of different words.

PIZL stands for Projects In Zip Locks. What does it mean? What are Zip Locks?

Ziplock is a type of plastic bag for things like sandwiches that seal together using grooves like a zipper. They are resealable and come in all different sizes. So Projects In Zip Locks – PIZL – literally means cross-stitch projects you keep in resealable plastic bags as a means of storage.

This applies to me so well because I use the plastic bag storage almost exclusively for my projects. Once I open a kit or get all my supplies kitted up for a chart, I stick them all together in a plastic ziplock bag – usually a Ziploc brand, which is the company the word came from.

For anyone else who may use the same system of storage, this is the term to describe what you use!

Just some of my PIZL!

Just some of my PIZL!


“Term of the Week” is a weekly blog post highlighting a new word or phrase commonly used among cross-stitchers but not found in an ordinary dictionary. These posts are to help explain the words’ meanings in context and provide a resource for anyone wondering what a term like “frogging” means. Check back every Thursday!


  • Amy

    Hi, my name is Amy, and I really do like your site. I love the “PIZL” and “FFO” bits and LOVE the “Have you met my Dad?” stitch!! Its great!! So sweet and funny too!! It reminds me of peoples’ dogs and how protective the dogs are of each other, and how they like to hang out together. Very cool!! And, I did like your demo on French Knots. Thank You!!! I am terrible at them and your advice should help. I have many PIZL myself! But I do need to sort my threads better- any tips on that? I am on a tight budget too.

    • Hi Amy! Thank you so much for your comment! As for sorting your threads – if you’re on a budget and can’t do the plastic or cardboard bobbins: I know some people take a piece of white card stock – or even just a thin piece of cardboard will work – and punch holes in them! You can tie the thread through the holes and write the thread number on the cardboard. 🙂 You can do one for each of your projects or you can do them per color, however you want to do it! Hope that helps. 🙂 Thanks for reading!