Term Of The Week: Craftermath


Today’s Term of the Week was posted on my Instagram feed, and I decided I must do a Term of the Week on it! It fits so many so well.

So, what does the word Craftermath mean? It’s pretty basic. A Craftermath is the aftermath of a particularly intense crafting session. It is most often demonstrated by your crafting area of choice being a total disaster.

I’m sure we’ve all been there. You get into a particular groove and you can just go and go and go! And when you’re finished, your area looks like a tornado blew through it. There are fabric and bits of thread everywhere. I never look forward to cleaning up once I’ve had a long stitching session, as it usually gets pretty messy! Especially if I kitted up the project at the same time as well.


“Term of the Week” is a weekly blog post highlighting a new word or phrase commonly used among cross-stitchers but not found in an ordinary dictionary. These posts are to help explain the words’ meanings in context and provide a resource for anyone wondering what a term like “frogging” means. Check back every Thursday!


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  • mickiw13@gmail.com

    This definitely sounds familiar, especially when I do my decoupage. Craftermath is certainly a nicer way to describe the disaster area I leave behind. 🙂