Progress Report: Seashell Pillow Cases, Part 2

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Salvaged Stash: Cross Stitch Pillow Cases

Since featuring my seashell pillow cases I’m remaking from my Salvaged Stash, I’ve got an update on the pillow cases!

The old and the new side by side!

The previous update.

I’ve been working for at least a solid month prior to writing the article so I had the first pillow case almost completely done. The only thing left to do was finish the pink on the seashell and do the back-stitch. Honestly the seashell part has been the longest and most difficult part of the project, not because there are a lot of fractional or spaced out stitches, but there’s just so many!

I did the blue at the bottom in a matter of four hours, both branches and the back-stitches on the branches in a couple of days, but that shell… I got a little less than I showed in the picture before I put it down and didn’t touch it for like a month. It took all the motivation out of me for some reason.

But! I pushed through and after the last update, within three days I finished the cross-stitch and the back-stitch and now the entire first pillow case is now done!

One finished pillow case down, one more to go!

One finished pillow case down, one more to go!

I’ve only got one more pillow case to go, and my set will be done! I still don’t know what I’ll do with the third pillow case, but I’ll figure something out once I’ve got the two new cases done.


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