Term of the Week: Needle Minder

TofW9I had never heard of this Term of the Week until a little while ago, and I had to share it with my readers!

This term actually goes by many names – needle minder, needle parker, or needle magnet are the three that I’ve heard the most associated with this term.

So what exactly is a Needle Minder?

Cat Needle Minder from 123Stitch.com

A Needle Minder is pretty much exactly what you would think it would be: it is a powerful magnet that you place in your work area or on your project as a way to hold your needles. That way the needle can’t get lost by rolling off your work area or falling out of your fabric. It saves a lot of trouble of losing needles and having people find them later by stepping on them or sitting on them.

While you can stick a magnet near your work area and let that be that, most Needle Minders are decorated with a picture or design on top of the magnet. The pictures and designs to choose from are endless, and if you can’t find the one you’re looking for, it’s easy to find someone who can custom make one for you (or you can make it yourself)!

For some more examples of Needle Minders and the different designs available, check out 123Stitch.com.

While I don’t own a Needle Minder yet, it’s definitely the next thing I want to add to my cross-stitching stash!


“Term of the Week” is a weekly blog post highlighting a new word or phrase commonly used among cross-stitchers but not found in an ordinary dictionary. These posts are to help explain the words’ meanings in context and provide a resource for anyone wondering what a term like “frogging” means. Check back every Thursday!