Crazy Stitching Habits #10

CSH #10

As a stitcher, you can put your needles in a variety of places for temporary safe-keeping. The problem is keeping track of where they all go because you often forget you left it there.

Here are some places your needles can be in case you’ve lost one:

  • the couch cushion or arm
  • the floor
  • the curtains
  • somewhere in your clothes
  • a pet’s collar
  • a pin cushion (yeah right like it ever ends up there)
  • your project
  • your project you aren’t working on at the moment
  • a counter top
  • a spouse, child, or relative’s body part (from stepping, sitting, or otherwise coming in contact with the needle)

(I once stuck a threaded needle in the arm of a chair for a moment and walked away only for one of my cats to jump up and start eating the thread. She nearly had the needle in her mouth when I came back and pulled the whole thing, thread and all, out in one pull. She seemed very offended I saved her life. Silly cats.)


Have a crazy stitching habit of your own? Feel free to leave a comment and your habit may be in the next segment! 🙂