Progress Report: Wooden Owl Necklace, Start to Finish

Progress Report: Owl Necklace

It has been ages since I’ve done a Progress Report! And boy do I have a lot of progress I need to catch up on. Today’s Progress Report is an owl necklace that I made for my sister’s birthday last year. It ticked all the boxes. Owls are one of her favorite animals, and this was my first venture into the growing cross-stitch jewelry market. I was excited to work on it!

This kit is Small Square Owl Cross Stitch Necklace by Dimensions, and I bought it from Hobby Lobby a few weeks before I stitched the piece.

Here is a picture of where I started:

Here is the start!

Here is the start!

I was worried with the wood that it would be hard to get the thread to go through the holes, since there is no flexibility like with fabric. It wasn’t so bad to go back and forth with the first stitches, but when there were 4 threads going through the same holes… the space did get pretty tight. I vaguely recall breaking the head off the needle that came with the kit and having to replace it with one of my gold-plated needles.

Luckily, it was a fast stitch; it couldn’t have taken more than an hour to stitch it all:

All the stitches are in!

All the stitches are in!

Then came the fun part: the back stitch. (I say fun sarcastically.) The back stitch really makes this piece, but there are already 4 threads going through each hole, so needless to say the space for the back stitch thread was a little tight. I had to get creative to push the needle through at times. I may have tried to use my scissors as a makeshift pair of pliers… terrible idea, I know. But I didn’t have any actual pliers to use!

But the backstitch really does make the piece. Add on some felt backing and the chain and here it is finished:

And the finish!

And the finish!

Actually, I don’t think the felt back is in this picture… I attached a small piece of felt with super glue to the back of the piece to cover the stitches. Guess you’ll have to wait for the Friday Finishes to see the piece completely done!

Have you done this piece before? How well did it go for you?


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