Progress Report: I Luvdisc You, Start to Finish

Progress Report: I Luvdisc You

Today’s Progress Report is one very close to my heart: a Pokemon cross stitch! A romantic Pokemon cross stitch, at that! While I love Pokemon, this was only my second time stitching a Pokemon-related piece. You can read about the first piece here: Friday Finishes #9: Wooper Love. This piece was also stitched for my boyfriend. I started it as a birthday gift but ended up finishing just in time for Christmas!

The chart is I Luvdisc You designed by Birdie Stitching. (I made some alterations to the lettering to fit my piece.) You can get the chart yourself here: Pokemon – I Luvdisc You.

If you can, go and give Birdie Stitching some love; she is an awesome designer of video game and pixel art-related charts and all of her charts are FREE.

I decided to go a different route than my normal start, and do the outline stitches first, starting from the center and working the first few colors around the center edge before doing the outline:

I Luvdisc You 1

The start of the piece!

Outlining done!

Then, because the chart is mostly one or two main shades of pink with some accent pinks, I went through and did all the colors that only had a few stitches:

Most of the single stitches were different shades of pink, so got those out of the way.

I hated the way it looked here… I didn’t like the colors and thought the Pokemon looked like clowns. But after finishing the filler stitches, all that was needed was to fill in the eyes and get started on filling in the pink.

Filling in started!

One Luvdisc done!

Main piece done!

With the Luvdiscs done, all that was left to do before the finish was the lettering! I made some adjustments from the original lettering that came with the chart to suit my tastes better. I made them more block lettering than they were before.

Final Progress Report:

The finished piece!

I call that a finish! The filled in pink makes the piece look so much better. I love this one and I’m glad Birdie Stitching charted it up. Once again, the chart is I Luvdisc You designed by Birdie Stitching. You can get the chart yourself here: Pokemon – I Luvdisc You.

I washed, ironed, and framed this as a set to go with three other finished pieces for my boyfriend for Christmas. You’ll see it in the Friday Finish article!

Have you done this chart before? Did you enjoying stitching it? Did you stitch it for yourself or give it away to someone else? Leave a comment below or hop on Facebook to let us know!


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