The 2013 Christmas Haul


It may be March, but it’s never too late to talk abut Christmas presents!

At this point in my life, everyone in my family and my immediate friends circle knows that I cross-stitch and how passionate I am about it. That said, this year was the first year I got cross-stitch presents from family! Not too many, I mostly bought things for myself, but I thought I would share what I did get!

Christmas Present 1Okay, this was less a present from someone else and more a present I bought for myself from work! Stitching is definitely a stress reliever for me so this was so true, and I had to have it! So I bought it and gave it to my mom to give to me as a Christmas present. I haven’t hung it up yet… I need to hang up a lot of things! Need more space on my walls, lol.

Christmas Present 2My best friend bought me this very lovely Dimensions piece as a Christmas present! It’s a massive project and I’m not sure when I’ll ever get around to doing it, but I love the flowers and it’ll look fabulous when it’s finished!

Christmas Present 3My cousin’s family bought this for me, and it’s very cute! I like the fact that it has a frog on it! It looks rather complex to be a beginner’s piece, but I’m sure it won’t be hard to stitch. Anyone who loves frogs or hates them (because of frogging) should get this to do for themselves!


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