Friday Finishes #27: Beary Kissmas

The finished piece!

The finished piece!

Ah, more than a year later we are finally caught up to the point that we’re to Christmas 2013 presents and finishes! The first of our two Christmas finishes is a mini kit of two Christmas teddy bears.

Name of Piece: 30642 Beary Kissmas

Designed by: Carole Rodgers for The New Berlin Co.

Distributed as a kit by The New Berlin Co. under their Christmas Ornament Kit series.

Kit Contains: Ornament frame, self-adhesive mounting board, DMC embroidery floss, 14 ct. evenweave fabric, 1/8″ satin ribbon, needle, and easy to follow instructions.

Finished Size: I’d say roughly 2.5 in by 3 in, as it’s an oval shape.

The Story: So I received this as a Christmas gift in 2012 from my aunt. I have absolutely no idea where she got it. The kit says it’s copyright 1989, and seems to be rather old. She may have found it in a thrift shop. It was still in its original package, though! Maybe she found it somewhere new. I have no idea. But I was determined when Christmas 2013 came around that I would stitch it and hang it on our baby Christmas tree.

You can read all about the progress on this project here: Progress Report: Beary Kissmas, Start to Finish

Time To Complete: A few hours at most!

Review: This wasn’t a very complicated stitch. I did mess up, though. I accidentally stitched the Santa bear’s mouth as the same color as his face and couldn’t frog it out again. So instead I just stitched over it again with the right color. I don’t remember how many stitches I did before I realized my mistake, but I know it didn’t take too many stitches to cover it up. So other than being extra thick in that area, which you can’t tell from a distance, it came out as if I never made a mistake. I had to do french knots on the eyes and nose but I’ve never had a problem doing them.

So! here is the final product:

The finished piece!

The finished piece!

Final Verdict: I don’t know if it’s even possible to get a hold of this kit anymore. But it was fun to stitch it! And you’ve got all the details if you’d like to try and find it yourself!

Have you done this kit before? How did it go for you? How did you like it, or not like it, as the case may be?  Leave a comment below or head on over to our Facebook page and tell us how it went!


Friday Finishes is a segment where I catalog and review all the cross-stitch pieces I have ever completed. Some of the pieces I no longer have information on, or I don’t have pictures because I gave away the piece as a gift and forgot to take a picture, but I’ll do my best to be as informative as possible! Check back on Fridays for more.

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