My New Year’s Stitching Resolutions, Year 1, 2013


I saw discussion going on in my Facebook groups about what people wanted to accomplish with stitching in 2013, and as 2013 will mark my second year fully devoted to the craft of cross-stitch I figured I should compile a list as well. I can come back to it throughout the year and hopefully I will have marked a few things off the list. (But New Year’s resolutions are notorious for being broken and renewed for the next year.)

  • Finish a friend’s wedding sampler
    • I had a close friend get married recently, but the wedding was so sudden I had less than a month to find and start my very first sampler. I’m hoping it have it done this year as a first anniversary present.
  • Complete all my mother’s UFOs
    • When I dug through my mom’s stash I found 5 well-started but unfinished pieces. One was so close to finished I took a few days and sat down and finished it, but the other 4 are sitting incomplete. Two have stains from one thing or another so I’m going to see if I can remove them or if the piece is a bust and I’ll have to re-start, but I’m looking forward to completing what my mom started.
  • Sort and organize my stash
    • My stash is tentatively organized into: bin full of the charts and kits and leftovers of finished pieces, the finished pieces, small kits, medium kits, large kits, magazines, and the materials (thread, aida, etc). But there is no storage or sense of organization. I’d like to develop a working system to get everything together with.
  • Learn to tolerate stamped cross-stitch kits
    • I’ve only done two stamped cross-stitch pieces, and I hated doing the two I did when it came to the actual stitches. I loved the backstitch and quarter stitches on the fabric, but I couldn’t keep the stitches even to save my life and I hated it. Still, stamped pieces are to get used to using linen fabric and there are several kits I love but refuse to do because they’re stamped, so I hope to get over my dislike in 2013.
  • Complete some projects from a magazine/chart and not a kit
    • I did design my own little project for my boyfriend and then a separate little present for his nephew from a lettering book, but other than that I’ve never done a solo chart. I favor kits with everything included already. I’d like to start expanding my horizons and buying all my own materials and learning how to grid and all that fun stuff.

This is just a small list of what I want to accomplish. What are you hoping to accomplish in 2013?


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