Friday Finishes #8: 1 Corinthians

The finished piece, all framed!

1 Corinthians

Now it’s time for one of my favorite Friday Finishes! There’s not much of an introduction for this one, so let’s dive right in!

Name of Piece: #187-0301 Love Is Patient (taken from 1 Corinthians)

Designed by: (c) 2003 Licensed From Current USA Inc. (No kidding, that’s who it says it’s designed by.)

Distributed as a kit by Janlynn under their Stamped Cross Stitch series.

Kit Contains: screen-printed fabric, 6-strand cotton floss, needle, floss card, graph, and instructions.

Finished Size: 12 in by 10 in

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Friday Finishes #7: Friends Indeed

The finished piece!

Friends Indeed

This week’s Friday Finishes is the second gift I ever stitched for someone! (The first being the Dolphin piece I made for my sister.)

Name of Piece: Art. 1879, Friends

Designed by: This kit follows the trend of not listing designers.

Distributed as a kit by NeedleMagic, Inc. under their Stitch A Card series.

Kit Contains: 18 ct. aida, embroidery floss, needle, embossed card, envelope, backing card, and complete instructions.

Finished Size: 4 in. by 6 in.

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Friday Finishes #6: Too Many Books Bookmark

The finished bookmark!

Too Many Books Bookmark

Okay… from this Friday Finishes there should be no missing information on the charts. Unless something went missing, I do believe I kept every chart and the information that went with it. No more problems like Sleepy Moon! I don’t know what clicked within me to start keeping my info, but I stopped throwing them away after the Dolphin piece. I think. We’ll find out as I keep writing the articles, I suppose.

Now on to this week’s Friday Finishes!

Name of Piece: Item 4572 Books

Designed by: The kit doesn’t say!

Distributed as a kit by NeedleMagic Inc. under their Bookmark series

Kit Contains: 18 ct. aida fabric, embroidery floss, needle, graph, and easy to follow instructions.

Finished Size: 2 in. x 6.75 in.

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Friday Finishes #5: Dolphin

The finished piece!

Our Dolphin

Today’s Friday Finishes was very nearly a bust again, stitchers!

Why did I throw away the information on my finishes? I wish I hadn’t, I was so stupid to do so… once again I sat down to write an article on my finish and once again, didn’t have the information. And I was almost unable to find it. Thank you eBay, after I searched a couple of different keywords I just started scrolling through and I found it!

Name of Piece: Dolphin #4112

Designed by: The kit doesn’t say!

Distributed as a kit by NeedleMagic Inc. under their “Stitch ‘N’ Frame” series.

Kit Contains:  14 ct. Aida fabric, thread, needle, graph, frame, self-adhesive mounting board, and easy to follow instructions.

Finished Size: 2.5 inches round.

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Friday Finishes #4: Sleepy Moon – UPDATED – Mystery Solved! Or Is It?

The only picture of the vanished finish that I have!

The Mysterious Moon

Today’s Friday Finishes is one big mystery… one that may never be solved.

When I originally sat down to write this article, I discovered two very crucial things: one, that the information I thought I had on the kit was missing, and two, that the finished piece itself was missing. » Read more

Friday Finishes #3: Queenie

CatWIP3Today’s Friday Finishes moves on from my beginner days straight into six years later. Yes, it took me six years from my Love Bug finish to finish another cross-stitch project. What can I say, I was young and easily distracted by the Internet.

Name of Piece: Queenie

Designed by: The kit does not say, it’s a hit or miss on whether Janlynn lists the designer on their kits.

Distributed as a kit by the Janlynn Company, under their “Designs for the Needle” series.

Kits Contains: 14 ct. Aida, floss, needle, chart, and instructions.

Finished Size: 5″ x 7″ or 12,7 x 17,8 cm

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Friday Finishes #2: Love Bug

The lovely finish!

The lovely finish!

Today’s Friday Finishes once again heads back into the past to take a look at the second piece I ever finished. I no longer have the information on this kit (it must’ve been thrown away once I finished with it) but I do have Google to point me to the details!

Name of Piece: Love Bug

Designed by: It doesn’t say, this seems to be a common occurrence with most kits.

Distributed as a kit by NeedleMagic Inc.

Kit Contains:  14 ct. Aida fabric, thread, needle, graph, frame, self-adhesive mounting board, and instructions.

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Friday Finishes #1: Smiley Flower

Ah, much better!

Our first Friday Finish!

Welcome to the first Friday Finishes article… that isn’t actually coming out on a Friday!

This article focuses on the very first cross-stitch piece I ever did at eight years old. After an exhaustive search of Google and the Internet, on a journey that took me from unreadable and non-loading Chinese websites to eBay, I have discovered all the information necessary to write this article, finally. Considering I completed this when I was eight I have no idea what happened to the chart or the front cover and I couldn’t remember the name of the kit or who it was by. Now I know, so now I can write the article!

Name of Piece: Learn a Craft (For Kids!) – Smiley Flower

Designed by: It doesn’t say on the front cover, and since I don’t own the kit anymore I couldn’t tell you if it was anywhere else.

Distributed as a kit by Dimensions, under their “Learn A Craft” series. Kit is copyright 1997.

Kit Contains: 11 ct. white aida, 3 in. hoop, white cotton thread, needle, chart, and instructions.

Finished Size: 3 in (8 cm) round

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