Progress Report: Families Photo Album, Part 2

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Families Photo Album: Part 1


I took a break from the Little Princess to stitch on the Families Are Forever chart for the photo album.

So here is where we left off last time:

Ooh, look how little space there is.

Ooh, look how little space there is.

It’s time to start moving left to right, now that I’ve gone as far up and down as I can. I know the piece won’t fit completely but it’s good to have the border at least set so I can make sure. However, I’m trying to be really careful about carrying the black thread too far, so I ended up moving down instead of keeping right.

So here’s where I ended off:

The letters are slowly coming together.

The letters are slowly coming together.

Currently I’ve got a fully finished “i” and “r”. The “e”s are both only half finished because I don’t want to carry the black thread through the back and I haven’t stopped the thread to do those parts. Soon they will be all filled out! I’m making decent progress, plenty of time to finish by Christmas.


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