Progress Report: Books Bookmark

This is another Progress Report like the Sweet Baby finish that I would swear I had more pictures of the progress than is actually in my progress folder on my computer. I wonder if maybe I used a different memory card, or took them on a different camera? Maybe when I switched to my new camera I forgot I still had photos on the old memory card. I’ve looked but I can’t find where that memory card has gone. I still have the camera, but the memory card isn’t in it. I also looked through the pictures on my phone to see if I had taken any there, but I couldn’t find anything on that, either. Hmm. Either I’m going crazy or I’ve lost the pictures somehow.

Anyway. You can watch the start of this project and a lot of the stitching unfold on the Five-Minute Stitch videos, so it’s not a total loss! Here is the first one, in case you want to watch them: The Five-Minute Stitch! EP06

So basically, for some strange reason, I only have 2 pictures of this WIP. Here is the first:

This is the first quarter or so of the chart.

This is the first quarter or so of the chart.

And then here is the second, which pretty much takes us right up to the last Five-Minute Stitch video done on this piece:

Here it is in its current state!

Here it is in its current state!

Remember how I said this was a birthday project that turned into a Christmas project? I don’t know… I don’t know if I’m feeling it quite so much anymore. I think it’s the chart. I’m doing the chart that came with the bookmark fabric, and what they’ve done is rather than include a paper copy of the chart inside the packaging, they’ve shrunk the chart down to minuscule proportions to fit onto the back of the packaging. It’s tiny and laminated so it’s hard to read and I have a hard time marking what I’ve done on the chart itself. It’s a pain to work with. I may end up not giving this as a gift at all… I’ll probably finish it, I just don’t know when.

I hate when projects don’t work out, I really do. And who knows? Maybe in a couple more months I’ll come back to it and be like, “hey, this is actually great! Why in the world did I hate this so much?” That does happen from time to time. It’s why I don’t ever throw anything stitching wise out. They say you lose all your taste buds every four years and that’s why you can suddenly like a food you hated in the past: different taste buds. I have the same view with stitching. The thing you hate now, you may come to love later!


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