Progress Report: God Sent Special Things – Part 4 – Vacation Stitching

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My wrist is feeling pretty crummy today and I’ve got class tonight, so I really don’t feel like doing anything… since the chance of me doing any stitching to cheer myself up is low, I thought it might be nice to write some articles for the blog instead!

Funny story: when I first started this project I was about to go on vacation to Florida for a week… that was almost two years ago now! I took it with me to stitch on and ended up spending all my time in the ocean so I don’t think I got more than 10 stitches done on it? Fast forward two years later, I’m going on vacation to Florida, and having completely forgot that this was the project I took two years ago, I brought it with me to stitch on!

So this is where we left off last time:

The current progress, after fifty some stitches.

The current progress, after forty some stitches.

Again, I spent more time in the ocean and on the beach than I did inside with my stitching so I didn’t get much done. But, we spent the night at my boyfriend’s grandpa’s house on the way back home and there was a nasty storm, so I stitched some while the power flickered, and I stitched some more as we finished the last half of the drive. I don’t know how many stitches I finished… but I feel like I made some progress!

This is the sum total of all the stitching I did on vacation:

The current progress!

The current progress!

I finished the stitches on the left kitten where I had run out of thread, and I started on the basket both kittens are sitting in. There are a lot of fractionals in that area! I seem to pick the projects with the maximum amount of fractionals in one area. It drives me crazy! I don’t mind doing fractionals but I do mind them on aida, and that’s all I seem to stitch on. I debated starting on the white on the right kitten so it didn’t look like a zombie ate part of its face, but my philosophy is always to save white on white for as close to the end as possible! I was happy to work with darker thread and different colors. I don’t like confetti stitching but working with the same colors can get so dull after awhile.


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